A downloadable asset pack

Easily get setup with a melee combat system designed to be similar to the likes of Dark Messiah, Skyrim, etc. includes the following features:

- Attack direction changes based on player movement

- Weapon charging to deal extra damage

- Quick attacks when player releases the mouse button early

- "Perfect Swing" mechanic, player charges their attack for the perfect time to deal extra damage

- Animator integration allows you to adjust attacks easily to the visuals

- Parrying system that lets you block enemy attacks

- Stamina system to balance how many times players can execute certain actions

- Integration with Unity FPS example project, easily convert your game over and extend it by learning from the tutorials

Also includes three melee weapon models FOR FREE! Hope you enjoy this pack, visit Moonlight Game Devs for more insightful articles, podcast episodes, and support!

3D Models created by Justin Dolan.

Free to use for any type of project (incl. commercial). Giving credit is always appreciated :)

Updated 26 days ago
Published 29 days ago
AuthorMarc Beaujean
Tags3D, First-Person, melee


First Person Melee Kit.unitypackage 7 MB


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Looks like the InputManager.asset file is missing from the package I downloaded. Looking forward to trying this out!

Fixed, thanks for notifying me!